Monday, June 17, 2013

Product Review: Wild Friends Nut Butter

Howdy Friends!

I hope everyone had a great weekend spending time with family and celebrating dads. One of the things my dad and I have in common is our love for the ABC show Shark Tank. It's a show about start-up entrepreneurs who pitch their products to successful businessmen and women (like Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban) in the hopes of obtaining investments to advance their companies. Some of the products these people come up with are totally wacko (see the Arkeg); but others are truly genius, like Wild Friends Nut Butters.

Shark Tank Panel

Wild Friends was started by a pair of roommates at the University of Oregon who had a shortage of peanut butter, but a surplus of creativity and tenacity. The two girls started making their own peanut butter right out of their dorm room and the results were impressive. They took their idea for homemade, organic and additive-free spreads to the Shark Tank board room and earned a hefty investment for a large scale launch of their product. Now Wild Friends Nut Butters can be found in over 150 grocery stores and counting across the country; and after tasting it for myself, it's not hard to see why. 

Chocolate Cocount Peanut Butter by Wild Friends

I was elated to discover the line of Wild Friends spreads had come to my local grocery store; and even better: THEY WERE ON SALE. I opted to try the Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter, because who doesn't love chocolate and coconut together?! YUM! I couldn't wait to get home to sample this delicious concoction and...oh sure is heavenly.

The peanut butter is sinfully thick and rich. Though smooth, this spread has little bits of ground peanut and coconut throughout giving it a nice, natural texture. It's the perfect consistency for both creamy and chunky lovers. The dark chocolate adds a delicious cocoa flavor without being over powering.

This peanut butter is like an Almond Joy and a Reese's cup got married and had a baby. HALLELUJAH THANK YA JESUS, what a match made in heaven. I have yet to put this on something I haven't liked: pretzels, breads, chips, crackers, cake, cookies, celery, apples, mmm. But wait, IT GETS EVEN BETTER. All of their products are made sans preservatives and additives. This particular variety is made with peanuts, chocolate, coconut, oil and sea salt. That's it. Not only is this peanut butter good, but it's good for you. I can't wait to try their other varieties.

Another great thing I love about Wild Friends is their blog, in which founders Erika and Keeley share their passion for food, recipes and life in general. It's a great read with some great tips.

I hope you get to try Wild Friends Nut Butters, too. Let me know what you think of their products and be sure to follow them on all the social networks!

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